Welcome in Weimar and Erfurt!

I offer you best guided tours in WEIMAR and ERFURT. These cities are among the most popular destinations of Germany and are located in the middle of the country.

As early as the eighteenth century, Weimar was often referred to as the new German Athens, and Erfurt as the Rome of Thuringia.

The Enchanting Weimar

This city of world-famous artists also has a further epithet – the heart of German culture. In Weimar lived such famous composers as Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Liszt and Richard Strauss, the greatest poets of Germany J.W. Goethe and F. Schiller, the founder of the Bauhaus design style Walter Gropius and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. German democracy also began in Weimar: in this city, Germany was proclaimed as the Weimar Republic in 1919.

The diversity of Weimar is simply amazing for all visitors to the city. How can such a relatively small city be so multifaceted? What causes led to such a phenomenal development? What has made Weimar so unique? The exaustive answers to all of these questions are given to my guests during our tour.

The Fascination of Classical Weimar

The ultimate goal of my city tour is the comprehensive coverage of Weimar’s broad spectrum of topics. It is not an easy task, considering that the time is limited to 2-3 hours. But the route of our walking tour will be so that even during this time my guests will experience everything that makes Weimar famous. When performing city tours, I am primarily concerned with wishes and interests of my guests. My guided tours are lively, informative and entertaining and my professionalism, friendliness and open-mindedness will help make our tour a lasting experience. 

The legacy of Weimar is so complex that I also offer the following thematic guided tours:

  Weimar and the Reformation / Martin Luther and Lucas Cranach
  Music city Weimar
  The Bauhaus in Weimar
  Weimar – celebrated and abused / The Weimar Republic / Weimar and the Third Reich
  Famous women’s personalities of Weimar
  Weimar – the city of romantic parks
  Weimar – the European City of Culture 1999 / UNESCO World Heritage sites in Weimar

Do you know that?

Weimar is the city of art and culture with numerous museums, romantic parks, inviting cafés and cosmopolitan guests from all over the world. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of this fascinating city!


Welcome in Erfurt

Erfurt - the Beauty and Romance of a Medieval Town

You will be delighted by the authentic atmosphere of this astonishingly well-preserved ancient German city. A must for any guest is the visit of the magnificent St Mary’s Cathedral and a most charming Kraemer bridge, but it's also recommendable to visit the impressive mighty city fortress, the marvellous Renaissance market place and the imposing central boulevard. A most picturesque highlight of the year ist the great Erfurt Christmas market.

Erfurt is also often referred to as the city of Martin Luther. The great reformer spent many years in this city. Numerous well-known personalities visit Erfurt every year. One of the most illustrious guests of Erfurt was Pope Benedict XVI in 2011.

Erfurt is famous for its versatile architecture of different styles. You will admire the imaginative Renaissance and Barock faҫades of the splendid patrician townhouses and palaces. And at the end of our tour, I will show you the cosy historical inns and the welcomimg cafés.

More Destinations around Weimar and Erfurt

A popular destination not far from Erfurt and Weimar ist the picturesque town of Eisenach with its legendary Wartburg castle from the XIth century. The castle is associated with numerous personalities from the past and different historical events. Here the great reformer Martin Luther translated the New Testament from Greek into German. In Eisenach it is also recommended to visit the museum in the house of the famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

Many guests visit the Buchenwald Memorial with its impressive monumentality on the site of the former notorious Nazi concentration camp from 1937 to 1945, which is only 8 km from Weimar. The spatial proximity of the cultural city of Weimar to the concentration camp Buchenwald causes great bewilderment and demands answers. The visit to the largest memorial site in Germany will  give you answers to many questions. It is also intended to contribute to preserving the historical memory in order to exclude such tragedies in the future.